Do You Really Need a Five-Room HDB Flat?

There are thousands of people living in HDB flats and some of them may be asking the question “Do you REALLY need a five-room HDB flat?” No, they don’t, but they are asking because they are forced to live in them.

If you ask someone who has lived in a flat in a HDB building or a condominium unit for a few years, they will tell you that a five-room HDB flat is almost a luxury. That is probably true, but so is having a kitchen and a bathroom in a HDB building.

It is possible to live in a five-room HDB flat. There are many people who have lived in HDB flats for more than ten years.

Different types of HDB

But how many HDB flats are there? Well, it depends on who you ask.

The Chinese government has planned to convert HDB flats into apartments and a large percentage of the new flats that have been built have already been occupied. In fact, in some areas, the HDB flats have been converted into multi-storey housing. And there are still hundreds of thousands of flats being built each year.

If you are looking for a five-room HDB flat, do you really need to rent a property in a HDB building? No, you probably don’t, unless you are willing to pay a lot of money for an HDB flat.

Number of Flats in an area

On the other hand, if you are looking for a flat with four walls, maybe you don’tneed to live in a HDB building. There are a number of flats that you can live in. These are generally owned by the people who live in them, and not by the governments or HDB flats association.

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Location of Flats

While living in a flat in HDB is definitely fun, you should also consider other things. One important thing to do is to check the location of the flat. If you can get a better view of the city from the flats, this will make your apartment more enjoyable.

Remember, the flat is only a temporary residence for the moment. When you move out, you will be looking for a permanent home. So think twice before moving to HDB flats, but if you have found a flat that you really like, then you have the option of renting it out when you move out.

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